8"x8" Hard Cover Book 

Written by Jill Wilson

Illustrated by Abby J. Fox


This book takes the reader on a captivating journey through Telluride, one alliterative letter of the alphabet at a time. It includes a mix of local wildlife, historical figures, local landmarks, and natural phenomena that are all quintessential elements of Telluride, both past and present. The Telluride Alphabet is both educational and entertaining for readers of all ages and backgrounds. It gives a well-rounded look at Telluride and all its wonders, and is a great way to introduce all of the aspects that make Telluride such a special place. With the author's background as an educator and librarian, and the illustrator's professional and visually stunning hand-drawn pictures, this book is bound to be a Telluride classic.  



The Telluride Alphabet, Hardcover Book